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9" Silent Runner

9" Silent Runner

Now comes with the black large centre cap

Exotic Nutrition's Silent Runner Wheel (+ stand) is the most innovative wheel on the market for its safety features and whisper-silent spin. The axle-free construction eliminates a dangerous center axle, reducing the risk of fur/tail entanglement, pet wrap-a-round, curvature of the spine, and other injuries. The wheel spins using dual-ball bearing technology, ensuring it glides smooth and quiet. You'll love this wheel's silence, safety, and durability, truly built to last. Check out the videos below or simply search "Silent Runner Wheel" on YouTube to witness the smooth, silent spin for yourself!The heavy-duty metal stand allows for give, protecting your pet from joint pain caused by running on a hard, fixed surface.Running tracks are textured, for excellent grip.Wheel completely disassembles for easy cleaning, no nooks for feces to hide in.Designed with a front plate for safety and containment, with natural bean-shaped openings.Features pet-preferred solid black rear wall. Measurements: 9" wheel diameter, 3" wide track, 2.75" diameter openings, 10" tall on stand, 4" wide on stand. IDEAL FOR: Hamsters (Robo, Syrian, Teddy Bear, Dwarf, etc.), Gerbils, Mice, and other similar small animals (not suggested for chewing animals).*The 12 inch Regular size is recommended for Sugar Gliders*What is dual ball-bearing technology? Two stainless steel ball-bearings are positioned within the back plate of the wheel, ensuring the wheel glides smooth and silent. The innovative bearings SPIN around the center pin as your pet runs, unlike annoying squeaky wheels on the market that have an axle that the wheel rotates around creating friction and noise. Accessories: Pet nails can grow to be long and sharp. Not only can this be painful to owners during handling, it can also cause your pet to frequently get stuck on fabrics, like pouches or clothing. Nail trimming using clippers can be difficult and may even cause injury to your pet if done incorrectly. Sandy Trimmer Tracks provide a soft, abrasive running surface for your pet while using their exercise wheel. Simply install the sandy track in place of the regular track, it takes less than a minute, and your pet’s nails will be naturally filed down as they run (see assembly instructions and video below). Keep the sandy trimmer track in for 1-2 days per week (or monitor when nails are filed). This track is completely safe and will not cause harm or discomfort to your pet. Conveniently hand-washable and reusable to last the lifetime of your pet. Do not submerge sandy trimmer track for long periods of time. It may be necessary to initially trim pet's nails with clippers before using a sandy trimmer track. Then the track will keep the trimmed nail smooth through frequent use of the sandy track. The AutoClean Track has a perforated design which allows feces, urine, and other pet debris to drain from the wheel, to save time cleaning and increase ventilation within the wheel. The Silent Runner Cage Attachment allows you to attach the wheel directly to any wire cage to free up floor space, or mount at different heights. All accessories sold separately.Cleaning: Spot clean your Silent Runner wheel daily or as needed, we recommend Kage Kleen cleaning solution. Wash your pet's wheel once per week or as needed with warm soapy water. We recommend disassembling the wheel during cleaning. Rinse and dry completely before re-assembling the wheel and returning it to your pet's cage. Remove metal hardware before washing. The plastic parts of the wheel are dishwasher safe, top rack only.Maintenance: The Silent Runner spins on dual ball bearings located in the back plate of the wheel. These bearings are subject to wear and should be replaced every 4-6 months so that the wheel can work at it's best capability. If needed, we offer free replacement bearings upon request within 90-days of purchase, with proof of purchase.

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